Healthcare providers

Healthcare providers play a critical role in the PFML claims process: healthcare providers submit supplemental information that helps the state evaluate a claim for benefits.

Providing supplemental information

As a healthcare provider, you have two options for providing information about your patients. First, you can print or request a copy of the supplemental information form.

Second, you can provide supplemental information through this website itself. Each claimants is given a verification code that they will pass along to you after they file their claim online. You can use this code to sign in and provide supplemental information.

Our review process

[State name] takes the following factors into account when reviewing the information you submit:

[State name] cross-references the information the claimant submits with the information you submit. When an estimated recovery date for a specific diagnosis is substantially more we would normally expect, [State name] will reach out to the implicated parties for additional information. In special circumstances, we may send the person filing for benefits to an independent medical examiner for a second opinion regarding their ability to perform their regular and customary work.


If a patient has an industrial-related illness or injury, you’re encouraged to have them contact their employer regarding workers’ compensation benefits.